Trader Joe's New YouTube Channel Is Full of Insider Info

Published 05-13-2019

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Trader Joe's has super-cheap food, free samples, an awesome return policy and happy employees in Hawaiian shirts. What's not to love? Fans of the neighborhood grocery store can now get an inside look at recipes, cult-favorite products and more on Trader Joe's new YouTube channel.

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There are currently 20 videos uploaded to the site, plus 14 other audio-only clips from the chain's podcast. Right now, you can watch how some of the chain's products are made - such as poeny-scented candles, blue tortilla chips, movie theater popcorn, cheese puffs and cold brew concentrate - or see playful animations featuring black licorice treads, maple leaf cookies and broccoli kale slaw.

There are also a handful of recipes, including tikka masala burritos and falafel waffles, and instructions for getting the store's best-selling mandarin orange chicken onto your table straight from the freezer section. One recent video features a few short general explainers about the store and how it's delightfully different than your average grocer.

There hasn't been a ton of buzz around Trader Joe's new YouTube channel, mostly because it was launched in semi-secrecy. It appears the first video was uploaded in April, but there was no grand announcement, and the page has just 4,600 subscribers. We're sure that number will increase sizably because everyone loves TJ - and if you say you don't, you're lying. Trader Joe's has a massive following, and these 62 foods are loved the most.

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