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Having previously travelled to northern India and Nepal, I imagined traditional Bhutanese cuisine, including dishes such as dal, curry, roti and chapatis. Having previously travelled to India, Nepal, and Thailand, and watched a handful of YouTube travel vloggers stuffing seemingly strange and wonderful Bhutanese dishes into their mouths before I set off for the country, I knew next to nothing about it except the fact that I had traveled there.

I found that Bhutanese food is quite common in the country, even in tourist hotels and restaurants. Restaurants quickly became popular with the locals, both among Bhutanese and Nepalese and Indians who were familiar with it, and I found it to be very popular.

Bhutan is running out of food that will open your gastronomic senses, and you have to agree that every restaurant you have visited in Bhutan has been the best of it. For travelers adventurous enough to try it out, it's a cuisine I had, I loved eating and I wanted to explore. It is little known outside Bhutan, but if you have the chance, you should go and see it.

If you are travelling to Bhutan, take a look at the list of must - try Bhutan's foods that you must try at least once. If you are looking for an authentic experience in Tobhutan, no trip is complete without tasting some of the dishes.

If you don't know about Bhutanese food, this blog will help you find out more. Hopefully this article has managed to interest readers, visit Bhuntu and taste some amazing Bhutanese dishes from these wonderful restaurants. Although this touches only on some aspects of his traditional foods, I hope it has given the reader an idea of the diet of Bhutan and its people.

Watch the entire Bhutanese video series to show you the cuisine and culture of Bhutan. It was an honour to visit Bhuntan and it was another honour for me to be invited by MyBhutan to travel and explore their food culture. Without the help of the myBHutan-sponsored visa and the support of my family and friends and their support and encouragement, this would not have been possible. I am very grateful to my friends and family for having had the time to invite me and all of you to explore Bhutanese cuisine.

If you want to experience some of the things you need to see and do in Thimphu, Bhutan, you should not miss this meal. There will be bees in Bhuntan, one of them if you can handle the heat, but if you can't, you will never miss it again.

Although we have some amazing and unique dishes in Bhutan, the world is always fascinated by the culture that revolves around food. Although influenced by many different cultures, such as India, China, Japan and South Korea, it is still able to preserve its unique character. Bhutanese food culture has deep roots and although it has influenced many different countries and cultures in Asia, Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and even the Middle East and North America, its cuisine has always been able to preserve its unique character. Although influenced by many other cultures and societies in India (India) and China (Japan), Japan (China), South Asia (South Africa) and Africa (North Korea), it can retain its unique character!

Although asparagus noodles are rare in cheap restaurants in Thimphu, Bhutan, you can choose from a variety of foods, whether you are vegetarian or not. Although a mix of Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan dishes is widespread in Bhutan, there are some unique Bhutanese dishes that are incredibly delicious. Almost everything we serve from Bhuttans is grown and grown in and around our land, and we do not use preservatives or artificial products in our cuisine.

Other foods to try when in Bhutan are buckwheat dumplings stuffed with spinach, cheese, turnips and other ingredients, eaten with a spicy sauce called Ezay and a specialty of Haa Valley, along with other dishes made from buckwheat. Another dish to mention: Shamu Datshi is a cheese served with mushrooms, a popular dish in Thimphu and many other places in the country.

What I like best about eating G0ep in Bhutan is that the dish includes dried chillies. The owner explained to me that Tshampa is a traditional Bhutanese food, but not very popular anymore. It is a rare dish that you do not find in most restaurants in Thimphu or other parts of the country, but if you fall in love with it and have it, you have to behave and eat it. Shakam shukam datshi is one of those rare dishes that you don't even find in Thailand and other countries, so don't fall into the trap of having it as part of your meal.

One of the top things I saw and did in Thimphu and Bhutan was the Chh Bistro & Bar, which I really enjoyed. With its rustic decoration and hospitable staff, it is, in my opinion, the perfect place for guests who like to dine with a loved one. This is the only restaurant in Thim Phu in ThimPhu that sells traditional food and it was a highlight of our market visit. One of the most important things I have seen and done in and out of Tham Phu is that it is a very popular place in the city, with many different types of food available.

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More About Thimphu